Electronic update of your IMM through replacement of the old and overdue panels with our newest VX5000 PC based controller

Ripress offers the possibility to replace your old control panels with our latest VX 5000 system: a complete, user friendly and compact I/O device based upon LINUX operating system, allowing the implementation of aimed and reasonably priced customized applications. The system is available with 15” or 18.5” full touch TFT colour flatscreen.

Tech specs
  • Front board in white anodized aluminum, 6 mm thick, IP 65 compatible
  • Colour screen TFT 18,5” with 1366x768
  • Bodywork frame made in stainless steel
  • Fanless processor INTEL CELERON J1900
  • 4Gb RAM DDR3L - 1333 Mhz
  • Gen 7 video interface with INTEL graphics DX 11 OGL 3.2
  • SSD (solid state disk) mSATA 32 Gb MLC
  • N°2 network cards GbE Realtek RTL 8111 G-GC
  • N°2 USB 3.0 slots + N°1 front slot
  • N°2 USB 2.0 Slots
  • Audio plug
  • 9-36V DC power supply
  • Resistive 5-wire touch-screen
  • N°2 serial port type RS 232