Born in the eighties as a specialized Service company for plastic injection machines, Ripress evolved its business from refurbishment into manufacturing, both for domestic and aimed international neighboring markets, always preserving its passion for Customer Care.


A true 360° Service dedicated to plastic industry, dependable and with unmatchable value for money

1982 In Sesto San Giovanni, suburb of Milan, the company EOS was founded by the family Cozzi upon over three decades of experience about premium quality Customer Care Service for injection moulding machines.
First EOS, then Ripress took care of maintenance, service, troubleshooting and overhauling for a growing number of customers.
Ripress s.r.l. was born and settled into a new strategically-placed headquarters: the growing town of Nova Milanese and its modern industrial area is indeed ideally placed at the crossway of all major motorways leading to and through the big city, but out of its crowd.
Ownership still Italian and family, but with a newer perspective, boosted the company Ripress into manufacturing and trading its own products.
After some years of development made in cooperation with expert designers and engineers, the series IT was born: a technically optimized, friendly priced product, something - for the first time - “authentically Ripress” and “brand new”, whose instantaneous success was even exceeding the expectations.
In a short time the traditional business of overhauling – still maintained in respect for customers fond of updating their existing machines – falled behind the wave of requests for the “brand new Ripress machines”.
2009 Despite the hard fallback of the plastic business, Ripress goes on with further technical development, matching together the expectations of the market and the brave foresight to welcome and embrace what will come next.
First in Europe, Ripress implements as standard the servo-hydraulic core based upon servo-motors, advanced inverters and gear pumps: a solution granting matchless simplicity, high performances, reliability and – especially – hard energy saving with a reasonable investment.
The Servo-hydraulic series HES boosts the reputation of Ripress up to the elite-level of the premium brands.
The all-electric series “Flower” was presented, to match the needs of high precision of the manufacturers of high-end technical parts.
The crisis is over but the market has irreversibly changed: an ever growing need for specialization and efficiency dominates the scene.
The new segmentation of the market calls for an incoming flow of the most diverse proposals: from full-electric packaging IMM for the premium level, to the low cost general purpose IMM aimed to the largest category of transformers, now struggling against the collapse of the credit system. Ripress responds with a entry-level core-version of the celebrated series HES, which is extended to a complete range from 60 to 1300 tons to face the challenge for competitivity the new market pose.
The new “ECO HES” is born: utmost simplicity without giving up reliability for all users in need of an affordable buy yet technological solution. The old machines are no longer competitive – to improve efficiency for an affordable price is now possible still counting on a partner with local based, serious customer care service.
2016 The premium end of the market was not forgotten: a specially designed Ripress controlling platform equipped with edge technology was designed and fitted into one of the best full-electric machine of the market: the Dongshin GB, born in South Corea in the age of electronic explosion of the asian country, now protagonist in the development of hardcore technologies, as seen in the communication industry.
Ripress becomes the exclusive dealer of Dongshin for Italy, where the super-performing full electric “GB” machines are offered with a premium quality controller based on PC and digital wirework. A modern user interface especially designed for the European Customers and a dependable local customer care and spare parts service, to make the new high-end electric IMM the best deal for premium users.
2017 Ripress doubles up the factory area, to match the growing demands for new machines and the raise of average tonnage sold: the adjacent estate is purchased and equipped for continuous production, in order to assure a punctual delivery to all new customers.